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Family Run, Award-Winning Greengrocer, Est. 2009


Where do Nearly Naked Veg deliver?

We deliver everywhere in the United Kingdom but not to PO Boxes. That includes Scotland (including the highlands) and Northern Ireland.

Is Nearly Naked Veg organic?


At Nearly Naked Veg, we recognise the importance of sustainable and responsible food sourcing. While some studies, as referenced in a press release from Cranfield University titled "100% organic farming could increase greenhouse gas emissions", suggest that organic farming can have a higher carbon footprint than traditional farming due to lower yields, we believe in a balanced approach to environmental stewardship.

Our commitment to locally sourced produce helps reduce transportation emissions, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint overall. We also consciously minimise our packaging to limit waste and ensure the utmost freshness and quality of our products.

By buying directly from our local growers, we support fair pricing and sustainable farming in our community. This direct partnership allows for fresher produce with an extended shelf life compared to typical supermarket offerings and promotes the growth and selection of fruit and vegetable varieties chosen explicitly for their rich, unique flavours over mass production.

Moreover, our growers practice a 'spray to cure' method, which minimises the use of sprays and other interventions, reducing potential environmental impacts. This approach aligns with our mission to deliver fresh, flavourful, and environmentally conscious produce to our valued customers.

At nearly Naked Veg, we aim to balance offering high-quality, flavourful produce and reducing our environmental impact. Your support allows us to continue these practices and make a difference in our local food system.

Why haven't I heard of Nearly Naked Veg?

Nearly Naked Veg up until early 2023 was a local greengrocer serving Devon and Cornwall. Early this year we expanded to serve all of the UK. 

How do you keep produce cold?

Our specially designed packaging, including ice packs and insulation, ensures the produce is kept cool and fresh during transit.

What happens if my order isn't fresh?

We guarantee freshness. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that your produce isn't fresh, we'll replace it.

Can I change the delivery date?

Yes, please add your preferred date to the cart notes.