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Family Run, Award-Winning Greengrocer, Est. 2009

Greener than Supermarkets

Welcome to Nearly Naked Veg, where our fresh, locally sourced produce is not just healthier for you but also greener than supermarkets for our planet.

Our Green Journey

Born from a deep love for farming in the quaint village of Newton Ferrers in 2009, Nearly Naked Veg has grown into a leading example of sustainability in the food sector. Today, operating from our energy-efficient premises in Crownhill, we're proudly reducing our carbon footprint one delivery at a time.

Fresh, Local, and Sustainable

Each veg box we deliver brims with the freshest, highest quality produce from trusted local growers and key markets in Devon/Cornwall, Bristol, and London. Unlike supermarkets that source globally with long supply chains and multiple depots, our local approach minimises transport emissions, reduces packaging, and supports our local communities.

Lower Carbon Footprint with Every Delivery

We've partnered with DPD, a carbon-neutral courier, for our deliveries, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability extends right to your doorstep. Our minimal and recyclable packaging, made from materials like wood fillings and cardboard, further reduces waste and keeps our deliveries as 'naked' as possible.

A Sustainable Alternative to Supermarkets

Conventional supermarkets often have complex, global supply chains that result in significant carbon emissions and waste. You choose a more direct route from farm to table by choosing Nearly Naked Veg. Fewer touchpoints mean reduced transportation emissions, less need for preservatives, and lower energy consumption in storage and distribution.

Competitive Pricing, Maximum Value

At Nearly Naked Veg, sustainability doesn't come at a premium. We offer our farm-fresh produce at competitive prices, proving that making eco-conscious choices doesn't have to break the bank.

Unmatched Service, Trusted by Our Customers

Our commitment to providing exceptional service is encapsulated in the words of our valued customer, Eve: "I am on my third delivery from this company and found them very friendly, helpful, and polite, from talking on the phone to the delivery person."

Make the Green Choice Today

When you choose Nearly Naked Veg, you're not only enjoying top-quality, fresh produce delivered straight to your door but also making a green choice that benefits our planet. Become a part of the Nearly Naked Veg family today, and join us in making a difference for our future.